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Our focus is to provide you with the professional grade tools and supplies that you need to keep your business running day to day. We specialize in those tools and supplies that you need for your everyday operations. Ranging from hand pruners and hedge shears all the way to gloves and work boots. Saws, grafting & shearing knives, shovels & spades, nursery carts, flagging tape and more. If we do not have what you need, we will do our best to get it. And of course, we carry all the respected brands of tools that provide the quality you require.

Amber Scott, Business Manager
Greenscape Tools, Inc.
160 Hewed Log Gap Road
Fleetwood, NC 28626

 Phone: 888-314-2672

 Local: 336-877-2672

 Fax: 336-877-2673


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